Ecounter 11

Lightscapes SIX


2015, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

"You Know What Charm Is: A way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question." Albert Camus

2015, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong

Waiting & Becoming: The Liminal Space of Words

2015, First Site Gallery, Melbourne

The Lightscape Projects aim to activate underutilised urban space and create a connection and laneway cultural dialogue with the City of Melbourne. 

Lightscapes SIX

2014, RMIT University & Melbourne Central, Melbourne

A long running public art project placed at K11 mall

Encounter 11

2014, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong


2016, Pao Gallery, Hong Kong

Fu Nui Hui Present: Murmur: A Conversation between ‘Zhong Nui’ & Self

2015, 22 Degree North Gallery, Hong Kong

Breaths of Monotony

2017, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong

Every Breath You the Intimacy of Boredom

2017, Hong Kong